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Old 07-Nov-2004, 19:14
SSchmitz99 SSchmitz99 is offline
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SuperUser Networks Web Hosting

Web Host Review:

My website:
Since: n/a

I am a satisfied customer of SuperUser Networks. Have been using them for a web site for the past several months:

Have been thrilled with the service, price, features and reliability.

I signed up and within 30 minutes was posting html to my web site. they don't offer phone support (my ownly complaint), but I have found the e-mail support to be responsive. We had to have the host add ssl to our site and also had to have zend compiler installed, and the web host did all that without fuss. Have not had any down time with the site and the site is quite responsive. We have quite a bit loaded on our web site, with a complete help desk, ecommerce software and have quite a bit of e-mail traffic going through out site, in addition to the normal www hosting. Have not had trouble with e-mail, which is something I can't say with another host that I have used. SuperUser has SoamAssasian pre-installed and that's been a welcome feature.

CPanel, PHP and MySQL have all been installed and are pretty recent versions.

They have someone on-site 24 hours a day and I attribute this level of attention to the excellent reliability record that I have had with them.

I think this is a sold web host and would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable inexpensive, features complete web host.
Old 01-Apr-2006, 07:39
write2kerry write2kerry is offline
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I've managed an account with Superuser for a couple of years. Yes setup was a breeze, we were online very quickly and downtime has been minimal. The problem came months later when email support dried up. The phones or fax do not work (this just ring and ring with no answer) and zero email response. I've tried several times to get the domain name transferred to us with no response and no transfer. If you will EVER need ANY kind of support I wouldn't recommend As it is we are stuck if we want to keep the domain name.
Old 22-May-2006, 09:16
conver conver is offline
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cool host !!!
Old 06-Mar-2007, 00:15
Alexa Alexa is offline
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These people have hosted my site for years. I've had need to correspond with them on rare occasions and they've always been prompt to reply.

Now, my website is down because they haven't renewed my domain name and they refuse to respond to my e-mails. I can't reach them by telephone. I can't reach them through which was the address where I could manage my account.

Does anyone have any new contact information for these people?

My account with them renews in Sept 2007. My domain name expired Feb 18, 2007 and Superuser didn't renew it as they have done in previous years. What gives? Any ideas?

Does anyone has a suggestion or any new contact info for these people?

Old 28-Mar-2007, 05:19
intheusa intheusa is offline
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Re: users check your date stamp on your incoming mail. Its wrong and also advancing backward.
Old 28-Mar-2007, 07:36
RocoRo RocoRo is offline
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I have noticed the problems with and the date stamp on my e-mails being wrong. I have two domains hosted through them and both have the date stamp problem. Additionally my phpBB forum also has the wrong dates on the messages.

Over this past weekend I tried logging into the control panel but was unable to get in and instead got an error message stating that the license had expired. I'm thinking they might be setting the date backwards because of the expired license.

Because of the hassle this has been causing I have decided to change to a new hosting service. Unfortunately has not responded to any of my e-mail requesting my domain be moved. Has anyone had any luck in contacting support at and getting their domain moved?
Old 28-Mar-2007, 12:24
intheusa intheusa is offline
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I also think your right about Cpanel and date. I emailed support about 7 times on the date issue. I never really counted on support from superuser but I do expect to keep my mail in order. Must be a real pane with your forum posting dates.

I have multi domain names too, and went right to registrar, and requested as owner to gain control over my domain names (reset passwords). Do do this tell them is unresponsive. To make it easier you will need to have access to the email listed for your domain at icann. Here is link to one lookup site
Old 28-Mar-2007, 13:02
RocoRo RocoRo is offline
New Member
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Thank your for your advice. I will go to the registrar and see what they can do for me. I'm looking forward to getting my domain back. Unfortunately the e-mail I have listed in the owner information is no longer correct. originally registered the domain for me, but no surprise here... they have not responded to my requests to make any changes to the e-mail. Fortunately the rest of my contact information is correct.

After having done some searches about I have found out that we are not the only ones having problems with them. I'm starting to get the feeling that this is a cleverly built automated cash cow. After the initial automated response that your account has been setup I have never heard back from them no matter how many times I have e-mailed.

This can't be legal? There has to be some way to stop this.
Old 31-Mar-2007, 22:36
Jim Bellas Jim Bellas is offline
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Seems the date in their Internet header is stuck at March 11th.
At first i thought the Outlook 2007 / DST patch had a bug, but the only account that causes a bad date posting (messages coming in today are still being posted to Outlook as March 11th).
My past experience with SuperUser is that they don't answer e-mails and that it eventually (one day to 3 weeks) gets fixed.
Get what I paid for.

My solution is to change all of my subscriptions to my other, more reliable e-mails. So far, GoDaddy is flawless.
Old 28-May-2007, 05:15
Jednorozec Jednorozec is offline
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I signed up with sometime towards the end of Sept 2002 and by the beginning of Mar 2003 I couldn't take them any more. The server was up and down like a yo-yo and customer support was nonexistent. It was a hassle getting back control of my domains. The registrar was dotregistrar and they were a pita to deal with. I finally threatened Derek with legal action and that finally got the ball rolling. Derek at long last started answering my emails but he was extremely rude.
So I learned an important lesson -- NEVER register your domain name with your hosting company. I used to think that superuser was the worst hosting company on the planet. Then the hosting company I was with got sold to WebHostPlus. They made superuser look like heaven. WebHostPlus is now out of business so I'm not sure who the worst hosting company is. Perhaps superuser has regained the title.
I just moved all of my domain registrations from Godaddy to Namecheap. They're a little bit cheaper, have free privacy protection for the first year and best of all they don't try to sell you a lot of useless garbage when you're checking out.

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