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Old 07-Dec-2012, 00:55
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Trying to create a program that takes input from a sensor and outputs to LED

I'm writing an assembly program that will read information from a sensor that will detect whether its raining or not. the sensor will be the input and the LED will be the output indicating that its raining.
I have code written for 5 other weather conditions but right now I just want to figure out the most basic which is rain.

here's my code///////////////////////////I just want to know if I'm headed in the right direction, If not do you have any suggestions///////////////////
#include <> ;---------------------------- ;define equates here ;---------------------------- count equ 0x00 sum equ 0x09 rainLed equ 4 rainSensor 10 dayOrNightLed equ 3 dayOrNightSensor 9 windLed equ 2 windSensor 8 snowLed equ 1 snowSensor 7 tempLed equ 0 tempSensor 6 fogLed equ 0 foqSensor 5 ;--------------------------- ;start of program ;--------------------------- org 0x0000 ; tells program to start at first location start: BSF status, RP0 ; select bank 1 BCF status RP1 movlw b'11111000' ; make bank 5-10 inputs movwf TRISA ;make bank 4-0 output BCF status RP0 ;bit clear file BCF status RP1 ;------------------------------ ;Loop ;----------------------------- BTFSS PortA, rainSensor BSF PortA,rainLed
is this part right so far?????????????????

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