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Old 23-Apr-2005, 13:04
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Difference between Structure and Union

What is the difference between structure and union? Where we use structure data type and where we use union data type?
Old 23-Apr-2005, 14:57
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A structure is a collection of data. For example an employee record may contain
  • Name
  • address
  • hire date
  • salary
The structure could be defined
CPP / C++ / C Code:
    char   name[32];
    char   address[64];
    char   hireDate[10];
    double salary;

A union is the same location defined in different ways. For exxample
CPP / C++ / C Code:
    double dval;
    int    ival[2];
    char   cval[8];
will allow you enter a floating point number and display that number in it's raw integer or byte form. Below is a program I wrote a while back for just this purpose. It can also be used to define multiple definitions for the same structure. For example, if the first byte of each record is a record type, and each record type is a different format, you can read the entire record, test the type, and use values out of a union to process the data. If this is not clear, I'll put together a tutorial...

The following program is written for Borland. Change the getche() into an appropriate form for your compiler. I recommend the fgets() form. The if will also need a change.
CPP / C++ / C Code:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <ctype.h>

int main()
    int ch;
    int i;
    char buf[50];
        double dd;
        float  ff[2];
        long   ll[2];
        int    ii[2];
        unsigned char   cc[8];
    } xx;

    printf("  D- double   \n");
    printf("  F- float    \n");
    printf("  L- long     \n");
    printf("  I- integer  \n");
    printf("  C- character\n");
    printf("  x- exit     \n");

    while (ch != 0x1B)
        xx.dd = 0.0L;
        printf("What would you like to enter?  ");
        ch = getche();
        ch = toupper(ch);
              ch = 0;

            case 'X':
              ch = 0x1B;
            case 0x1B:
            case 'D':
              printf("Enter a double: ");
              fgets(buf, 50, stdin);
              sscanf(buf, "%lf", &xx.dd);
            case 'F':
              printf("Enter a float: ");
              fgets(buf, 50, stdin);
              sscanf(buf, "%f", &xx.ff[0]);
            case 'L':
              printf("Enter a long: ");
              fgets(buf, 50, stdin);
              sscanf(buf, "%ld", &xx.ll[0]);
            case 'I':
              printf("Enter an int: ");
              fgets(buf, 50, stdin);
              sscanf(buf, "%d", &xx.ii[0]);
            case 'C':
              printf("Enter a char: ");
              fgets(buf, 50, stdin);
              sscanf(buf, "%c", &[0]);
        if (ch != 0x1B && ch != 0x00)
            printf("double: %15.5lf         \n", xx.dd);
            printf("float:  %15.5f   %15.5f \n", xx.ff[0], xx.ff[1]);
            printf("long:   %15ld   %15ld   \n", xx.ll[0], xx.ll[1]);
            printf("int:    %15d   %15d     \n", xx.ii[0], xx.ii[1]);
            printf("char:    "); 
                for (i=0; i < 8; i++) 
                    if (i == 4) printf("  ");
                    printf ("%02X  ",[i]); 
    return 0;

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