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Old 21-Apr-2005, 02:44
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Guidelines for posting requests for help - UPDATED!

Guidelines for Posting Requests for Help
version 3.1

GIDForums is pleased to provide these forums to help you understand programming techniques and correct programming problems. Following these guidelines will help you post good questions with enough information that we can understand your request and where your problem might be.

You do not have to give us a long explanation about being a noob -- we already know. A little background in your experience is nice (like how far you've come in your learning), but don't apologize for being new to this stuff. We all started out that way.

1: When asking questions about code you need to post some code. We cannot help you if you show us nothing you've attempted. Posting just your assignment/problem description is likely to get a few snide comments and nothing more. You've also wasted at least half a day while someone decides to post a message asking what you've done. Save time -- post code.

When posting code, to help us read and understand your posts please
  1. Use code tags.
    1. Start with open code tag [tagindicator]
    2. Then your code
    3. End with close code tag [/tagindicator]
    4. The tagindicator is designed for each language forum. Please replace the value tagindicator with one of the following codes representing the language/markup code you are posting: C, C++, CPP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVA, PY
  2. Be sure you've formatted your code. Check out this information for tips and ideas. It's designed for C/C++ but most of the information is easily translatable to most other languages.
  3. TABs do not work well on the forums so try to use 3-4 SPACEs for indenting.
  4. Post only the code that is relevant to the question. You may have to explain how some of the variables are defined.
  5. If your code is fairly large, can you:
    1. cut out unnecessary sections?
    2. place comments around the section you need help with?
    3. create a smaller program that shows the same problem?
    Posting 200 lines of code with no indication of where we should look is not a good idea.

2: Be sure to explain fully:
  1. What your code is supposed to do (what you expected when you ran it)
  2. What the code actually does (the result of running it)
  3. What you think the solution to the problem might be.
  4. If you have compile errors, be sure to mention that fact. Stating "The code does not run" does not mean there are compiler errors. Paste the entire error into your post. Do not paraphrase it. If more than 10 errors, just the first few are enough to start with.
  5. The O/S and compiler you are using is extremely helpful in many cases, since many commands and functions are not available in all systems.
  6. Do not use web-speak. This is an English forum, describe your problem in English. Sentences and words, with punctuation. Do not use web abbreviations. You need to communicate what your problem is, and ths duz not hlp u 2 b understood.
  7. We understand that for many of you, English is not your first (or even second) language. Do the best you can and so will we.

3: Use the Preview Post button before Submitting. You can make sure your post looks the way you want it to look, check spelling, check readability, code is formatted, etc.

4: Be sure to list any restrictions you are under.
If you don't, you may get a lot of help explaining how to solve the problem with an array when you were specifically instructed not to use arrays. This wastes everyone's time, including yours. Only you know your limitations.

5: Use an appropriate title for your post.
Something like
Need help understanding arrays
Using If & Switch in Quadratic equation
Reading and Writing to a text file

Bad titles:
C code prblem -- It's a C/C++ board, duh!
savings account problem -- what is your coding problem, not the assignment
Message Producer -- what does this mean?
Need Help with C++ programming :: please :: -- Gee, I was wondering why you were here
And please don't use "urgent", "need help fast", or similar statements in your title. It's not going to get you help any faster and it's annoying -- like we have nothing better to do... Well, we don't, but that's not the point...

6: Do not start new threads on the same topic. Keep replying to the original thread.

7: Do not start a new question on an existing thread unless you are the original poster. New posters should start a new thread unless your question is directly related to the discussion in progress.

8: Don't bump your thread. Most of us have lives outside of the forum so bumping your post after an hour or two is not appropriate. Sometimes it may take up to a day for the right person to read your post. We've got quite a few good people reading your posts, all voluntary, and they do so when they are able. So bumping is unnecessary. If someone can help, someone will help.

9: Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS! This is considered shouting and is rude. So is large sections of bold to make your post stand out. bold and italic are used to emphasize points, not indicate you are in dire need and we have to help you NOW

10: Limit your smileys. You don't need a smiley on each line (let alone 2 or 3 per line). Use them to enhance your post, not make your post cute.
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Old 04-Jun-2011, 17:11
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Re: Guidelines for posting requests for help - UPDATED!

Thankyou! Im glad to be a new member of this forum!
Old 27-Jul-2017, 18:54
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Re: Guidelines for posting requests for help - UPDATED!


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