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Old 17-Feb-2012, 22:24
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High card evaluator

I am creating a program in c++ that has the user enter 4 cards and I need it to display the high card any help or advice would be great thanks
Old 18-Feb-2012, 07:52
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Re: High card evaluator

Originally Posted by jham92
Ya gotta have a plan. Sometimes I start with some pseudo-code that describes the action. (But: See Footnote.)

Here's a possibility:

Suppose we have some scheme by which the user can enter a card name (a string). The program will have a way of assigning a value (a positive integer) to a card with a valid name.

Note that there must be a way of validating the card name. The validation functionality can be implemented as a separate function or can be made part of the code that assigns the numerical value.

Declare a signed integer variable named highCardValue, and set its value to -1. (We will have defined things so that no actual card will have a value less than or equal to zero). Declare a string, highCardName. (It is initially an empty string.) Then... Go through the following loop until the required number of card names has been obtained from the user BEGIN LOOP Prompt user to enter a card. Declare a string variable named cardName and get the cardName from the user. IF the name is valid THEN IF the numerical value of this card is greater than the current highCardValue, then set the value of highCardvalue to this card's value, and set highCardName to this card's name. END LOOP Print out highCardName.



This is a very general expression of a plan. Maybe it's too much. Maybe it's not enough.

For example, if you don't need to keep track of the suit, maybe you just need to get a rank from the user (1 through 13, or one of the set {2, 3,...10, J, Q, K, A}.

If you have to keep track of suits, there is the question of whether all cards of the same rank have the same value. (Does the ace of spades have a higher value than the ace of clubs, for example.) If suits are irrelevant, then you may need to consider what to do if two cards of equal value are drawn. In fact, it's not clear whether the four cards "drawn" by the program are necessarily distinct.

Once we start thinking about things, then the following "issues" arise:

Are the cards "drawn" from a deck? How many cards are in the deck?

Is a card replaced in the deck after being drawn? Or what?

Is the program required to keep track of all cards drawn (so that it can check for duplicates)? Or what?

See what I did here? I started writing code (pseudo-code in this case) before I actually had a program specification. I don't think it was necessarily wasted effort, but I think that writing a program specification should precede writing code. In this case (since we don't know what your actual assignment is), I just threw out some things in the pseudo code that can act as a template for the actual program. Details may be added (or removed), depending on the program specification.

So: The real bottom line (before you write the plan) is to describe, exactly, what the user input is required to be and what you should do with the input to get the output.
Sometimes I just can't help myself...
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