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Old 27-Sep-2010, 07:56
wawachi776 wawachi776 is offline
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CDROM eject and insert...

;;================================================ =======
.model tiny
mov byte Job,00h ; open the door
jmp short GetDrive
GetDrive: mov al,device ; get second char on command line
mov device,ax ; put in device
JustDoIt: mov bx,offset ioctlo ; Do the I/O
mov [bx+16],ds ; data seg
mov cx,device ;
push cx
mov ax,1510h ;
int 2Fh ;
mov bx,offset ioctlo ;
mov dx,[bx+3] ; status
xor ax,ax ; assume no error
test dx,8000h ;
jz short NoRetErr ;
mov al,02h ; other error
inc cx
push cx
test dx,20h ;
cmp cx,5Ah
je short NotBuzyo ;
mov al,01h ; busy error
xor ax,ax
xor bx,bx
xor dx,dx
pop cx
mov device,cx
jmp short Go
NotBuzyo: mov ah,4Ch ; Exit program, close files
int 21h ; and return to DOS
device dw 00h ; 3 = D:, 4 = E:, etc.
Job db 0 ; cc (00 = Open it, 05 = close it)
ioctlo db 13,0,12 ; rhlen,subu,comc
dw 00h ; status
dup 8,0 ; reserved
db 0 ; mdb
dw offset Job ; *trandad (off)
dw 00h ; *trandad (seg)
dw 01h,00h ; tranct,ssn
dw 00h,00h ; *volid

;================================================= ========

can somebody help me...this code is only for ejecting the cd rom tray..i want to add a code for inserting bak the cd tray but i dont know what code to put....
thanks in advance for your help!!!!=D

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